IT'S MY MICROPHONE - Release New Video "Tears Us Apart"

It's My Microphone has released a new video "Tears Us Apart". This is the first single from the upcoming ep, "Doll Face Fall". Release date June 30, 2021.

Katie Elise, mainly known as It’s My Microphone, is an aspiring artist from St. Louis, Missouri. The singer is extremely versatile, covering a huge variety of different sounds like alternative metal, alternative rock and melodic metalcore, as well as some random, unpredictable genres here and there.

It’s My Microphone’s most popular song is “Our Paradise”, but she is about to release a new single named “Tears Us Apart” which she knows is going to be bigger than anything she’s put out previously. She is also well recognized for her 5 song EP “Aspiration”.

The singer is known to be a relatable person, who uses her music to reach people struggling with abuse, anxiety, depression and life’s many obstacles. It’s My Microphone is an upcoming singer who is on her way to the top and won’t stop until she gets there.