DETHRONE THE CORRUPTED - Release New Video "And A Darkened Rebirth", New EP Out Now!

Slovenian Blackened Melodic Death Metal/Deathcore outfit, DETHRONE THE CORRUPTED have released a new single and music video "And A Darkened Rebirth", taken from the new EP "The Amygdaloid Decay", out today!


1. Art & Severance 
2. Of Man & The Amygdaloid Reaper 
3. Amidst A Thriving System 
4. And A Darkened Rebirth

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Four complementary elements from Slovenia form the quintessence that goes by the name of Dethrone the Corrupted. Following the path to the origin of world's misery they stumbled upon an ancient shadow lurking in the depths of our collective consciousness. A metamorphosis of melodious riffing imbued with technicality, complex heart-penetrating drumming, redeeming bass line and radically honest lyrics symbolizes their sound and an illusion shattering live experience to each and every unique initiate attending their ritual.