WALK AMONG STATUES - Stream New Effort "Without Blood"

Evolving for a few years between alternative post-rock and emotional post-metal music, Polish quartet Walk Among Statues, influenced by "pulse of the universe", just officially release its debut EP called 'Without Blood' for digital exclusive on the main legal service and you can stream it below!

Walk Among Statues was formed because of the strong need to find a way out of energy which sits in each of us deeply and often doesn't let us sleep at night. Because of that, four people decided to combine their strenght, toss everything in one chamber, shake hard, mix and see what happens. This intrigued them so much that they decided to continue this journey together whitout maps and guarantees but tempting enough to want to keep on going.

Walk Among Statues inspiration is the pulse of the universe. The belief that not words but the music best reflects what they want to say is so strong that we vainly seek any text in their pieces. In their music we hear weakness to spatial guitars, long-lasting modulation and a distinct, hypnotic section where you can lose the sense of time.