STÄBRUCH FESTIVAL 2019 - Announce Final Line-Up

The STÄBRUCH Festival located in the heart of Germany takes place on 9th of November 2019 for its 5th round. The AWAY FROM LIFE crew, who organize the one-day indoor fest, once again are bringing the currently hottest hardcore, punk and oi! bands to the Erthalhalle.

The festival will be headlined by none other than "The Godfathers Of Hardcore" Agnostic Front, who will be releasing their new album "Get Loud!" at STÄBRUCH. As a hardcore/punk show should be, the fest is of course without an annoying barricade!

In addition to other internationally known bands such as Siberian Meat Grinder, Desolated or Misconduct, the Stäbruch also presents the hottest newcomers like The Take (with members of Madball, Biohazard and Agnostic Front), Guilt Trip or Easy Money.

Here are all bands of the STÄBRUCH Fest 2019 in the overview: Line-Up 2019:

Bands: Agnostic Front, Misconduct, Siberian Meat Grinder, Desolated, Popperklopper, Guilt Trip, The Take, Coldside, The Detectors, Easy Money, Curselife, Thin Ice

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