SLIT YOUR GODS - Share New Single "Cult Of Supreme Blasphemy"

Blastphemous Brutal Death with members of Arthropodal Humanicide / Scrumptious Putrescence, Avgrunn, Sad Eyes and Ineffable Demise / Byonoise Generator,  SLIT YOUR GODS are shering below their new single "Cult Of Supreme Blasphemy".

With their debut EP, 'Dogmatic Convictions of Human Decrepitude', Slit Your Gods are here to take you beyond the deceptive veil of cults and religions and plunge you, head first, into the true sickening horror of the violence behind the whispered words of prayer. Featuring three songs of absolutely relentless death metal devastation, this EP is a maelstrom of jagged riffs and pulverizing rhythms, vicious hooks and inhuman vocals, a towering monolith of staggering brutality... and this is just the beginning. It’s time to tear down false idols and unleash the power of blasphemous, brutal death metal!