NORDEND - About To Release New Album "Gegenwind"

If you like Bands such as Evergreen Terrace, Stick to your guns and Comeback Kid, NordEND is just what you have been waiting for. The band is about to release a new album "Gegenwind" on August 7th, 2020 via Dedication Rec.

The band delivers just about everything that fans of the modern Hardcore scene expect: massive breakdowns, HC Riffing, two step madness and melodic Singalongs. Pair that with a combination of a crushing, modern production and lyrical content that is not stereotypical or pretentious in any way, and what you get is simply.... great songs. The Soundtrack for your Hardcore Summer.


1) Das Ende von Lied
2) #Dagegen
3) Hurra, Hurra die Erde brennt
4) Schöne neue Welt
5) Mängelexemplar
6) Monotonie & Depression
7) Veto
8) Nebel
9) Regen
10) Sturm
11) Stille