ANAHATA - Reveal New Single "Blackout"

Post-Hardcore outfit, Anahata have released a new single "Blackout".

"Being one of the few black vocalists doing this genre of music in NYC, I've experienced my fair share of racism.
We are tired of being treated as lesser than others due to the color of our skin.
The world is finally tired of the blatant systemic racism we experience in the USA.
We aren't backing down until justice is delivered for every black person being wrongfully murdered and the system is changed for good!
BlackOut is for everyone who is tired of being silenced.
All proceeds from this songs streams from Bandcamp and the other Streaming platforms will be donated to the
NAACP Legal Defense Fund and Color of Change." - Anahata

Formed in 2014, Anahata Released their debut single "A Maze", leading to the release of their EP Balance. The band released their second EP titled, "Abhorrence" November 7, 2018. They are currently performing and writing new material. Anahata's Abhorrence EP is out now, available on all streaming platforms.