DIVISIVE - Stream New Album "Codex Gigas"

Downtempo / Deathcore outfit, DIVISIVE is streaming below their new album "Codex Gigas".

Bandcamp: http://divisivetn.bandcamp.com


1. Exo 
2. Legion (feat. Dustin Mitchell from FILTH) 
3. Zero (feat. Kyle Anderson from Brand of Sacrifice) 
5. BAAL 
6. Blackout 
7. Natas (feat. Nick Arthur from Molotov Solution) 
8. Phobos (feat. Devon Skold) 
9. Gigas

Formed in 2017, Divisive is a deathcore/Downtempo band hailing out of Nashville, TN. Utilizing low tunings and heavy atmosphere. Divisive brings crushing riffs and slamming breakdowns to carve their way through the scene and make a name for themselves.

Their singles BA’AL and MK-Ultra have helped spread Divisives name across the US and their EP “The Hegelian Dialectic” has received positive reception since it’s release with its features of Tyler Shelton [Traitors], Kyle Medina [Bodysnatcher], and Orion Stephens [In Dying Arms]

In the time Divisive has been a band they have shared the stage with very well known acts such as Chelsea Grin, Fit For An Autopsy, Lorna Shore, Shadow of Intent, Oceano, Brand of Sacrifice, River of Nihil, Traitors, Bodysnatcher, Slaughter to Prevail, VCTMS, Signs of the Swarm, just to name few and has also played “Eternal Nightmare Fest”, and “Summer Slaughter”