NEVER ELECTED - Present New Music Video for Single “Wake Up”

Washington, DC’s rockers Never Elected have a new a new music video for their single “Wake Up” released this past November. An energetic and engaging track, it’s hard-hitting rock with a catchy flair along with a message from the band.

Vocalist Sujit Kumar elaborates: "'Wake Up' speaks to our current world situation, where everyone gets all their information through their "Magic Window" (social media/phone/tv/computer). We continue to fight over religion, race, sex and more but only when it is #trending, 'only to sleep again'".

“Wake Up” is the musical interlude that comes after “Down Too Long”, which was released in 2017 and precedes the new album Never Elected are working on which takes a heavier, grungier turn. The band explains the release of the single:
“This single is just an indication of what lies ahead on our next album. We dropped our tuning to D, figuring that it gives us exactly what we are looking for soundwise. Our fans love to sing along to our songs and “Wake Up” was chosen to be the single based on what the fans loved most at our live shows.”

What started out in 2015, as an acoustic rock duo playing covers evolved into a full band that began turning heads in their hometown of Washington, D.C. with their high energy live performances, which includes their frontman climbing the walls, literally. Never Elected talks about the intricacies of the single:
“Catchy riffs are matched with a catchy vocal melody reaching out to convey a message. The pauses with absolute silence in between the choruses are deliberate to kind of show how we as a society in general, WAKE UP loudly to a certain problem, think about it, and once it’s all silent, we go back to sleep again, until WOKEN UP to another issue only to repeat the same all over again.”

Citing main influences coming from the glory days of 90s grunge like Soundgarden, Foo Fighters and Alice in Chains, Never Elected is recommended for fans of the genre and anyone who likes hard rock.

“Wake Up” is available on Apple Music, GooglePlay, and Spotify.