LOST IN STATIC - Release New Single "Train Wreck"

Calgary's Lost In Static has been pushing forward to make a name for themselves on their local scene and beyond while they sit tight and wait for live concerts to resurrect during these COVID days. Having already unleashed two singles "Feel Alive" and their tribute to their lost friend "Jordan". Today, the band is unveiling their next song "Train Wreck", that will be showcased along with previously released singles on the metalcore quartet's debut album, which is planned for release later this year.

The band adds about sharing their next track:

"Our song 'Train Wreck' is our third and last single to come out before our album drops. This song is about confronting the issue of people exploding while suffering from mental illness and using it as a shield from the consequences."

Lyric video was premiered via GhostCultMag.

Comprised of seasoned musicians Lance MacBain, Noureen Amin, Jared Boyd, Tyler Johansen the metal band has just started their musical journey fusing the djent elements of progressive metal with metalcore.

The group works together to create music that is both aggressive and fun, with MacBain generally writing the music and MacBain, Johansen, and Boyd collectively writing the lyrics. Relating to their band name, the messages they send through their lyrics convey relation to the feeling of getting lost in the “static” of the world, and all the events that take place; an almost overwhelming feeling of white noise.

With an emphasis on producing a tight live show full of headbanging, energy, and moshing when concerts return after the COVID pandemic, Lost In Static will hitting the ground running and eager to tour.