H2OCEAN - Reveals "The Horned Goddess" Album Release Date & Unleashes The 2nd Lyric Video

H2Ocean proudly presents the lyric video for "The Horned Goddess", 2nd track taken from the self-titled album.

About the video:

"The Horned Goddess" is a straight forward song with a strong meaning but unfortunately not many people seem to get it or care. Greed is the source of humanity’s destructive power and that power has taken its place globally. Now our home, the earth that gave us birth is dying by our hands. Time is running out and signs are all around."

H2Ocean's debut album "The Horned Goddess" will be out on 25/09/2020 via Wormholedeath / The Orchard.

1) The Horned Goddess
2) PrimeApe
3) Dehumanized
4) The Chain
5) Sun Won’t Rise
6) Change Of Heart
7) My Everything
8) Absolution Through Demise
9) Dreaming Death