EMPERYAL SORROW - Germany's Melodic Death Metal Newcomers Release New Album "PRÆY" on Friday, 20th November

German Melodic Death Metallers Empyreal Sorrow is releasing their debut album PRÆY on 20 November. With humanity more and more acting like a giant swarm of insects controlled by one leading thought, the message within Empyreal Sorrow’s debut album is like a festering branding: „Join the Cult Of Sorrow“ - reflect on your own self and avoid the repeated mistakes of mankind.

It’s so easy to feel caged in a bug-like life. To choke on the daily overdose of the feces from the overly present (social) media. When you are constantly fed with anger, hate, and delusion. The band is taking this obvious misconception of our existence and creating their own oppositional counterpart with the idea of the „Cult Of Sorrow“: Incorporating the picture of the human swarm and showing off the perversity of today’s life with an insectoid cultist image. The cover artwork of PRÆY shows this approach with its perverted adaption of the Vitruvian Man drawing by Leonardo Da Vinci - the destruction of the ideal of the perfect human being.

Every track on PRÆY covers the one thing that unites mankind the most - devastation. Be it personal devastation through depression or drugs, be it devastation through senseless wars or blind belief in misleading god-figures. The band took a lot of effort and time to find the right balance between the lyrical and musical content. It surely helps that Empyreal Sorrow’s members all have a long and solid background as a studio and live Metal musicians. Starting in early 2019, the recordings progressed until the midst of 2020. And it was a real „coming to life“ process as the basic ideas from Mastermind Martin Hofbauer underwent a constant change when each member put its personal stamp on arrangement and content. The outcome: A massive beast of a Melodic Death Metal album, on point in terms of production and individuality.

Inspired by the great Swedish Death Metal tradition of bands like Edge Of Sanity, At The Gates, Dark Tranquillity or In Flames, the band also impersonates a touch of a Black Metal feeling within its melodies, vocals and riffing. The foundation is Death Metal, but there is no rule to what it takes for an Empyreal Sorrow song to be unique. This simple strategy also led to the implementation of two vocalists - with Martin Szeike providing the guttural, deep grunts, and Sebastian Moser slamming out his more Black Metal-like screams.

There is only one goal for Empyreal Sorrow - enjoying the music and the company of those that share the same vision without compromising the own believes. So join the ranks of the „Cult Of Sorrow“ - now!

Empyreal Sorrow is Melodic Death Metal with well-known trademarks heeling to a new emotional side. The band takes the Death-Metal-wheel, demolishes it completely and puts it back together again in their very own way, creating an individual sound with a lot of interesting facets. Their musical construct is born out of aggression paired with ear-catching melody and a sometimes Black Metal-like atmosphere; the music is punchy, dynamic and drills directly into your head. Raw energy flows through every single song: boosting the urge to bang your head until total escalation. Definitely a band you should consider listening to.


01 - Praey To Sorrow
02 - Thrown Into The Fire
03 - Source Of (In)humanity
04 - The Error Code
05 - Come Down With Me
06 - Quiet Depression
07 - Scars Of Old
08 - Voice Of Violence
09 - Killing Silence
10 - A Night Without Armor

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