CAN’T SWIM Shares New Single "No Backbone"

New Jersey rock band, Can’t Swim have released new single "No Backbone".

"One of my favourite songwriters ever said “a good tune should take 30 minutes to write” and “No Backbone” certainly falls into that category. Once we finished it we went back a few times to see if we should add a part or bring more instrumentation/layers to the mix but whatever we did seemed to take away from the song rather than add to it. As time goes on I think as a band we are more and more drawn to do what excites us creatively in that moment and to do things we haven't done before. I’m not saying this song is reinventing the wheel by any means but having a tune that feels raw and stripped down with incredibly literal lyrics (haha) is something that feels new and fresh for us to put out. All Killer No Filler as Elton John once said" - Chris LoPorto

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