CAPSTAN Share Video For New Song "What You Want" | New Album "The Mosaic" Out May 24 Via Fearless

Florida post-hardcore five-piece CAPSTAN — Anthony DeMario [vocals], Joseph Mabry [guitar, vocals], Harrison Bormann [guitar], Andrew "Boz" Bozymowski [bass, vocals], and Scott Fisher [drums] — recently announced their new album The Mosaic, out May 24 via Fearless Records.

The band has just shared the video for the new single 'What You Want' It's a fans first anthem, once that captures the band's soaring, emotional, and supremely catchy sonic style. Capstan indulge in a little '80s energy with this track, as it has a glorious throwback vibe, all the while maintaining a modern edge.

"Perhaps an unexpected tune from Capstan, 'What You Want' pokes fun at coming to terms with some surprising and difficult truths about the music industry," the bad muses. "Still, ever earnest, this song is a commitment to what Capstan is and always will be, and a pledge to our most loyal fans."

To make a mosaic, tiny pieces interlock as a larger picture. In similar fashion, distinct elements coalesce as one in Capstan. The band mixes metallic precision with pit-splitting hardcore grooves and the kind of hooks you can't shake. Since 2015, Capstan have progressed with each subsequent move. Following Seasonal Depression [2015] and In The Wake of Our Discord [2018], they made waves with their full-length debut, Restless Heart, Keep Running, in 2019. They toured with the likes of Trash Boat, Doll Skin, Silverstein, and many more. After amassing tens of millions of streams and earning acclaim from the likes of KERRANG! and New Noise, the group paint a definitive body of work on their aptly titled third full-length offering, "The Mosaic".

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I. "Revolve" 
1. "Misery Scene"
2. "Final Words"
3. "Undertow"
4. "An Open Letter"
5. "Hailey"
6. "Bloom"
7. "Empire"
8. "What You Want" 
II. "Revise" 
1. "Dwell"
2. "Arrows"
3. "Compendium" 
4. "Bête Noire" 
5. "Moloch" 
6. "What Can I Say" 
7. "Heart to Heart" 
III. "The Mosaic"