PIERCE THE VEIL Share Their Take On Radiohead's "Karma Police", "The Jaws Of Life" Out Now Via Fearless Records

Following a sold-out tour of The US, Europe and The UK where they played some of their biggest headline shows to date, San Diego’s Pierce The Veil have unveiled their take on Radiohead’s classic song “Karma Police”. Having already wowed fans with their rendition of the track after recording it for Australia’s triple j radio station, the band have now recorded a studio version. While still infusing their signature style into the iconic single this new interpretation is yet another testament to their musical prowess, giving a fresh new look to the song. The band say, “We are products of the 80s and 90s MTV era, so songs like ‘Karma Police’ live deep within our childhood minds. We dug this one up as an opportunity to indulge in something comforting and familiar. Taking inspiration from the memories and emotions the song evokes in us, we created a version that reflects where we come from as a band. We were happy to discover that the song remained haunting and beautiful even when fed through distortion pedals and loud guitars.”

The Jaws of Life Tracklisting:

1. Death of an Executioner 
2. Pass the Nirvana 
3. Even When I'm Not with You 
4. Emergency Contact 
5. Flawless Execution 
6. The Jaws of Life 
7. Damn the Man, Save the Empire 
8. Resilience 
9. Irrational Fears (Interlude) 
10. Shared Trauma 
11. So Far So Fake 
12 Fractures (feat. Chloe Moriondo)