LOVELOST Release Second Single "Pour The Salt In"

LOVELOST are a quartet from the South West, UK. LOVELOST intertwines the nostalgic essence of old-school emo music with a modern twist, carving a unique space within the alternative rock scene by creating a refreshing yet emotive experience.

In their short time as a band, LOVELOST have seen support from Kerrang, Amazing Radio, Distorted Sound Magazine, Dreambound,, Independent Music Insider, Already Heard, Riot Vision, ASBO Magazine and many other top publications. Following on from their debut single ‘Burnbright’ the band will now release ‘Pour The Salt In’ on 19th April 2024 on label Year Of The Rat Records.

Tobias Faulkner - “‘Pour the Salt In’ delves deep into the aftermath of toxic relationships and their lingering effects. The song employs the powerful metaphor of a wound, initially inflicted by the manipulative influence of the other person, being continuously aggravated. The act of "pouring salt in the wound" symbolises the relentless torment of memories and thoughts that are constantly reminded by the pain it left behind.”