DREAMING AWAKE - Announces Tours With Convulsions and Curses

Imminence Records' Arizona metalcore outfit Dreaming Awake is set to tour with Convulsions in early April before hitting the road later that month with Curses. The tours will be in promotion of their eleven track barrage on the ears in the form of Friction Lives that features guest vocals from Sycamour’s Jeremy Gilmore and Incredible Me’s Dillon Jones.

"We've put the last two years of our lives into making this album what's it come to be, and we're so excited to be able finally get it out there, and essentially experience the album together with our fans. There's a ton of places on both of these tours together, but I'm personally most interested in checking out Roswell, NM, because aliens are rad.” - Vaughn Bell (Screamer)

"This tour is definitely what we were hoping for, seeing this band grow so much was quite an experience from not only an outside perspective, but to now be part of the process is mind blowing and I'm proud of what we've become, I'm confident this tour will be great. Can't wait to get out there and start sharing our love and this music with everyone." -Julienne Cordero (Bassist/Singer)