OPIUM DEATH Confronts The Passage Of Time With “Ozymandias” Off Debut Album “Genocidal Nemesis”

Opium Death is a brutal concoction of extreme metal, sent forth from the suburbs of Chicago, USA to lay waste to metalheads around the world with their first full-length album “Genocidal Nemesis”, which is being unleashed on April 19th. The band comments on the connection between the music and the lyrics:

“Lyrics and music go hand in hand. So far we noticed that as we wrote a majority of the lyrics last, the tonality of the songs and how they flow from beginning to end definitely had us think of certain sentences or phrases to be sung in a relative and consistent manner with the chords and rhythm. Or the lyrics can give off such a feeling of tension or melancholy or whatever that the music now has to serve that purpose or it may feel disjointed if not thought out very well.”

The album features a diverse range of tracks, each offering a unique sonic experience while maintaining Opium Death's signature heavy sound. From the blistering aggression of “Genocidal Nemesis I: Fear” to the haunting melodies of “Shattered” to their latest single "Ozymandias" being offered before the album officially drops, all promise to leave a lasting impact on listeners.

“Ozymandias is about pride and wrath and the importance of keeping them in check during your life against the inevitable decay of information over time. One of our longest songs on the album, we felt it was a track that could benefit from utilizing exotic scales and vocal layering as it comes up later in the song to bring up this sense of immortality to a concept that will forever be ingrained in our human ego.”

Coming from different musical backgrounds, each band member shapes their perception and interpretation of heavy metal. With “Genocidal Nemesis”, they've embraced their diverse influences to create an album that defies expectations and pushes the boundaries of the genre. It is recommended for fans of Dying Fetus, Death, and Gojira.

Listen to "Ozymandias" via its premiere on The Circle Pit below!

“Genocidal Nemesis” will be available on all digital platforms on April 19th, 2024 at the following links:

Bandcamp - https://opiumdeath.bandcamp.com​

Spotify - https://spoti.fi/3Q4QStW

Track Listing:​

1. Cower (1:16) 
2. Genocidal Nemesis I: Fear (3:01) 
3. The Condemned (4:32) 
4. Ozymandias (8:40) 
5. Flatline (1:18) 
6. Extinction (5:31) 
7. Chronic (4:22) 
8. Deadweight (3:28) 
9. Shattered (5:36) 
10. Vesuvius (3:45) 
11. Fe56 (2:07) 
12. Genocidal Nemesis II: Desolation (9:29)