RED HANDED DENIAL Drop New Single Video "One More Night"

Red Handed Denial, the Toronto-based band whose music 'Toilet ov Hell' described as “prog djentyness, a dash of metalcore and a saturation of pure-f***ing-fun,” have set a May 24 release date for their new album, 'A Journey Through Virtual Dystopia' (Paid Vacation Records).

The band has today release a new single and music video "One More Night".

Pre-Order "A Journey Through Vistual Dystopia" Here!

A Journey Through Virtual Dystopia:

1. Parasite 
2. My Demise 
3. One More Night 
4. Falling Back To You 
5. Driving Towards A Neon Sunset 
6. Smokescreeen 
7. ...and Then I Found Myself in a Virtual Dystopia 
8. Eat Glass 
9. I Hope You're Happy 
10. Home