NOTSM Lose Yourself In Societal Noise In Music Video For “Humans”

On man project NOTSM continues to build anticipation for their debut album “Only Death Brings Silence”, slated for a May 3rd release, with the unveiling of the second single, “Humans”. Accompanied by an AI-generated video, the track offers listeners a glimpse into the band's exploration of the human experience. With thought-provoking lyrics and dynamic instrumentation, “Humans” delves into the complexities of human nature, inviting listeners to contemplate their place in the world. Matt Barkley comments on the single:

““Humans” is a relentless barrage of heavy metal fury, confronting the harsh realities of human existence and our destructive impact on the world around us. With blistering riffs and pounding rhythms, the song pulls no punches in its indictment of human nature. The lyrics paint a bleak picture of our tendency to exploit and destroy, questioning how we arrived at this point of environmental and moral decay. As the song progresses, it becomes a scathing commentary on our insatiable appetite for consumption and our failure to confront the consequences of our actions.”

According to Barkley, “Humans” is fast-paced and is more or less based on the same musical motif throughout its entirety. He is not a big fan of guitar solos, but decided to do something different and thought a solo would fit nicely in the middle of this song. Written with a live setting in mind it is meant to pump up the crowd before the last verse comes in with a bang.

As symbolized in the blurry cover art, NOTSM channels the sense of being unrecognizable and adrift in the sea of societal noise. They are recommended for fans of Rivers of Nihil, Sylosis, and Nightrage.

Watch and listen to “Humans” via its premiere on The Circle Pit below!

“Only Death Brings Silence” is due out on May 3, 2024, and available for pre-order at

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Track Listing:​

1. Humans (3:34) 
2. Terminal (5:00) 
3. The Hedonic Treadmill (4:50) 
4. The Hedonic Treadmill 2 (4:40) 
5. You Make Your Own Luck (4:21) 
6. Only Death Brings Silence (11:51)