AVOID - Release New Single Video "My World"

BLIGHT TOWN - Release New Single Video "Swerve"

VULNIFICUS - Stream New EP "Invocation"

FLESH DIGEST - Stream New EP "The Well Of Sacrifice"

ELECTRIC CALLBOY - Share Live Video For "Hypa Hypa" From Berlin, Germany

DEAD/AWAKE - Unleash New Single “iudicium per ignem”

HOUSE//DIVIDED - Drop Video For New Single "Stray" (Feat. DROPOUT KINGS)

AZ THE WORLD BURNZ - Release New Single Video "Counterfeit Dreamer"

BETWEEN HOME AND SERENITY - Release New Single "White Noise"

DYING WISH - Emma Boster In Revolver Series Fan First Talk About Hardcore Revolution, Mental Health, Limp Bizkit Tour & More (VIDEO)

I ALONE - Reveal Video For New Single "The Waking Blind"

THE LONE WOLF - Ex-BAD WOLVES Singer New Band Release Single Video "The War You Wanted"

SKYND - Unveil Video For New Single "Armin Meiwes"


xHIGHTOWERx - Former ANNISOKAY Frontman Release Second Single Video "rebirth"

SLIPKNOT - Coming To Graz, Austria on July 27th, 2022

AWAKEN THE ANCIENT - Release New Single "Chattel Of Tyrants"

PEELINGFLESH - Release New Single "Constant Decay" (No Zodiac Cover)

YŪREI - Unveil New Single "Maidens Light"

HAYMAKER - Release New Single Video "Swing Radius"

GUT FAUNA - Drop Debut Single Video "Hearing Loss"

XENOTHEORY - Stream New Album "Dawn of an Eyeless Realm"

COURT ORDER - Drop New Single Video "Göz Taşı"

WESTHAND - Reveal New Single Video "Ultraviolet"

HOSTILE ARRAY - Present Video For New Single "Wounds"