HOUSE OF HATCHETS - Rising Brit Alt-Metalers Detail New Album & Reveal Lyric Video!

NIGHTRAGE - Unveil New Song "Embrace the Nightrage" With Lyric Video

FLESHBURNER - Drop Second Single "PlagueBearer" With Lyric Video

ALICE IN CHAINS - Release New Lyric Video "Rainier Fog"

BEHEAD THE BETRAYER - Unleash New Single "Fill The Void" WIth Lyric Video

WVNDER - Present New Single "Artorias" With Lyric Video

ALPHAWOLVES - Reveal New Lyric Video "Deadlight"

WRITTEN HEARTS - Release New Lyric Video "Burnt Bridges"

OSIAH - Unleash New Single "Reflections Of A Monster" With Lyric Video

A BELT ABOVE BLACK - Unleash New Single "Hashtag Drunk At A Funeral"

DEAD/AWAKE - Unleash New Single "The Shepherd (feat. Duncan Bentley)" With Lyric Video

MISERABLE BY NATURE - Drop Lyric Video For Debut Track "Drowning"

ALICE IN CHAINS - Release Lyric Video "Rainier Fog"

WHILE SHE SLEEPS - Reveal New Single "Elephant" With Lyric Video

HOLLYWOOD NIGHTMARE - Release New Lyric Video "Controlled"

BEYOND DEVIATION - Release New Track "Transitory" With A Lyric Video

INMATE - Reveal New Single "Atma"

EVERLIT - Release New Single "Unbreakable" With Lyric Video

M.I.GOD. - Reveal New Lyric Video "The Solitary Ghost"

IN FLAMES - Release New Song "Burn" With Lyric Video