AWAKEN - Release Lyric Video "Where Death Can’t Find Us"

BEHEADED - Reveal Second Single "The Charlatan's Enunciation" With Lyric Video

PRIMAL SPIRIT - Reveal New Single "Death Grip" With Lyric Video

NEXT DOOR TO HEAVEN - Drop New Song "Acceptance II: I see Through" With Lyric video)

DEFEATER - Release New Song "List & Heel" With Lyric Video

EYES WIDE OPEN - Unveil New Single "Die Another Day"

DEAD WORLD RECLAMATION - Release New Single "Drowned Beneath Fang & Scale" With Lyric Video

SOMETHING CLEVER - Release Lyric Video "Angels and Demons"

PRESSYC - Drop New Single "Maker" With Lyric Video

WE ARE OBSCURITY - Drop New Lyric Video "Find No Solace"

ENEMY THROTTLE - Reveal New Lyric Video "We Must Prevail"

GRENOUER - Release Lyric Video "Burnt to the Ground"

NEW YEARS DAY - Reveal New Single "Shut Up" With Lyric Video

WHITECHAPEL - Release New Lyric Video "Forgiveness Is Weakness" Made By Fan

CATHARTIC DEMISE - Release New Single "The Vice" With Lyric Video

NATURAL SELECTION - Unleash New Single "Dark Souls" With Lyric Video

GROOVENOM - Release Lyric Video "Mein Herz Ist Frei"

ODE TO THE END - Unleash New Song "Prophecy" With Lyric Video

SOVEREIGN - Hit Hard With New Single "The Fade"

OBSCURA QALMA - Unleash New Song "Apokalepse" With Lyric Video