ABOVE SNAKES - Release New Video "Never Alone"

KROSIS - Stream "Solem Vatem Redux" Album

DORMANTH - Unleash New Single "Beyond The Gates" from an Upcoming Album "Complete Downfall"

THE KOMPRESSOR EXPERIMENT - Present New Video "Hippocampus Spatial Transmigration"

BEYOND SYMPHONIC - Release Lyric Video For New Single "The Voice of Eternity"

ESCALPO - Brings Raw Tunes In Their First EP

JULIET RUIN - Find Their Way Musically With Heavy New Single “Dark Water”

LONGE DE TUDO - Reveal Debut Video "Matadoro"

CHAOS DOCTRINE - Release Music Video "Father Grigori"

P.U.L.S.E. - Share New Single Video "ourpulseisyours"

TERMINA - Release New Single Video "Desolate Specter"

FRAGMENTS - Drop Music Video for New Single "Plagues"

BRUTEALLIES - Launch New Video "Dark Army"

ODD COVERS - Release LACUNA COIL's Cover "Heaven's a Lie"

HATEBREED - Nashy Chats With Wayne Lozinak About New Album "Weight of the False Self"

URSUS - Release New Single Video "Self Affliction", Debut EP "YOURGODISDEAD" Out

SHOW ME YOUR UNIVERSE - Release New Single Video "Kid Forever"

OCEAN GROVE - Unveil New Single + Video "Dream" + Release "Sunny" Remix

BURY ME ALIVE - Release New Single Video "Imperfection"

JOY IN BLUE - Reveal Video For New Single "Sunflower"

LIONHEART - Release Fourth Part EU Summer Tour Documentary

THE END AT THE BEGINNING - Release New Single "Ether"

PALESKIN - Reveal Video For New Single "Leech (Won’t Let Go)"

PALMIST - Release Home Video For "Wildfire"

VILIFY - Are Back With Their Second Offering, "Deadweight"