SHOW ME YOUR UNIVERSE - Release New Single Video "Kid Forever"

French Metalcore outfit, Show Me Your Universe have released a new single and music video "Kid Forever".

This title was composed during the summer of 2019 in a different process from what we are used to do, this time we did jam sessions all together, each one bringing either an initial idea or a contribution to the global idea. Without imposing limits in the instrumental writing, we took the time to work on all the arrangements and then we went to record this song at DNA Music Studio with Nicolas Delestrade (Novelists) who made the recording, mixing and mastering of it.

Kid Forever comes from a simple phrase: If growing up means becoming a bad person, then I want to keep the soul of a child all my life.

This title features a child witnessing the bad fate that awaits him and who prefers to keep his soul in the body of an adult and ignore the bad influences he will find in the future.

The artwork comes from photographs taken during the shooting of the clip. The different artists (fire-eater, dancer, and others ...) represent the demons in the child's head and so we naturally turned to these photographs which represent in a raw and spectacular way the child's state of mind.

Show Me Your Universe is a five-piece core band from France formed in 2015, composed of vocalist Jeremy Dubray, alongside guitarists Cyril Masset and Alexis Collas, bassist Alix Cayla and the drummer Valy Raffault.

The band has been able to reach a wide audience around the world releasing their first EP "We’re All Sinners" in 2016 along with the music video "Super Hero".

They have also issued a cover, "Heathens", by Twenty One Pilots. Coming out early 2019, their first album marked the beginning of the new era for the band. 

A heavy mix between deep hatred and melancholia dragging you through the roots of the core scene.