NONPOINT - Presents Frontlines Tribute Video for "Remember Me"

BURIED REALM - Premieres Lyric Video 'The Wonder and Terror of Fortune'

INCUBUS - Release New Video "Agoraphobia"

ENTERPRISE EARTH - Release Lamb Of God Cover "Now You've Got Something To Die For"

BRUJERIA - Share New Single Video "Covid-666"

EXOCRINE - Stream New Album "Maelstrom"

RUINA - Share New Single "Ceremony" With Lyric Video

INGESTED - Reveal New Lyric Video "No Half Measures"

EONIA - Release New Single "Mind Above:Spirit Within"

WAKE UP FRANKIE - Present Video For New Single "The Outlaw (feat. Antti Wirman)"

CROSSFAITH - Release New Video "None of Your Business (feat. Jin Dogg)"

ATLASES - Release Video For New Single "Dreadlight"

RUFUS MANN - Release Bass Cover Video of Bring Me The Horizon's "Parasite Eve"

BURY TOMORROW - Drop New Single "Gods & Machines"

SYNTHNESS - Stream New Album "Transition"

AWAKE AT LAST - Share New Single "This Means War" Featuring Adelitas Way

DREAMWALKER - Drop New Single "Sun Through A Harsh Winter"

BROADSIDE - Shares New Single & Music Video “Heavenly”

COMMON VISION - Release New Single Video "Comfortable Ache"

GREAT AMERICAN GHOST - Ethan Harrison On "Altar of Snakes" (VIDEO)

HYDRAFORM - Release New Music Video for "Chained"

NOVARIUM - Release New Single "Virus"

DAMNATION ANGELS - Released New Lyric Video for ‘More Than Human‘

NEVER ELECTED - Present New Music Video for Single “Wake Up”

RED MOON ARCHITECT - Premiere New Music Video "Rise"