NUBIA - Share New Single "Memory Lapse"

SNAKE CHARMER - Stream New EP "Position of Power"

IN FLAMES - About The Re-Recorded Tracks On Clayman 20th Anniversary Edition (VIDEO)

MARILYN MANSON - Reveal Video For New Single "We Are Chaos"

DAWNBRINGER - Release New Video "Point Of No Return"

UNREAL CITY - Release New Song "Sin In God's Name"

COREY TAYLOR - Release Two Singles and Video WIth Bunch Of Stars Cameos

ARGYLE METH - Unleash Debut Single "Erase The Human Scum"

ATLAS OF ELYSIAN - Release New Video "Seventh"

ORBIT CULTURE - Release Live Studio Performance of "The Shadowing"

SENSORY AMUSIA - Release New Single Video "Death"

MEMORIA - Release New Song and Music Video for "Carnival of Creation"

CONJURER - In The New DTB’s Series “Tour Tips (Top 5)”

LATE NIGHT SAVIOR - Release Official Music Video for “Monster”

HIGH NOTES - Haulix’s Music/Recovery Podcast Debuts First Season

BURDEN OF THE SKY - Release Their Cover of "Lights"

THE EXILED MARTYR - Release Playthrough Video For "Entropic Abyss"

THE HUMAN VEIL - Release New Single "Faceless God"

THE IMPVLER - Unleash New Single "Plague" With Lyric Video

THE CONVALESCENCE - Release Drum Playthrough "The Return"

QUEEN KONA - Drop New Single "Rise of the Shogunate"

DEAD BUNDY - Present Video For New Single "Locked In A Cage"

TETRARCH - Release Guitar Playthrough Video "I'm Not Right"

FALL BEFORE YOUR CREATOR - Sahre New Single "Call Of The Corrutor"

OFF ROAD MINIVAN - Release New Video "Vampire"