THE OKLAHOMA KID Presnet New Single Video "Overpowered"

THE OKLAHOMA KID - a modern metal experience. Known for their very own blend of genres, the avant-garde 5-piece never falls shy of pushing the boundaries and breaking old conventions.

Today, THE OKLAHOMA KID are back with their brand new track 'Overpowered', a compelling narrative of resistance and the struggle for autonomy against oppressive forces, blending heavy guitar riffs with introspective lyrics, out now worldwide via Arising Empire.

It delves into the protagonist's fight for liberation, touching on themes of torment, vengeance, and the complex quest for personal peace amidst societal constraints. This track marks a significant evolution for the band, showcasing their commitment to exploring deep, thought-provoking themes through a fusion of aggressive music and reflective storytelling.

Watch 'Overpowered' now below!

Out worldwide on DSPs at midnight.

THE OKLAHOMA KID stands for breathtaking modern metal that bridges the gap between technical intricacy and energizing rhythms. Since their formation in 2012 the band - consisting of David J. Burtscher, Fred Stölzel, Robert Elfenbein, Tomm Brümmer and Andreas Reinhard - has consistently pushed the envelope and have established their foundation in the German metal scene.

After their successful debut album »Solarray« (2019) and struck by the global pandemic, THE OKLAHOMA KID set their focus on writing new music, with one simple goal in mind, to best themselves and give every fan something to crave for - »Tangerine Tragic«. »Tangerine Tragic« is built on the strengths of their debut »Solarray«. It plays with new ideas and concepts, comes gentle as a breeze and strikes hard as a wreckingball. The album was recorded and produced by Jan Kerscher (Ghost City Recordings) - mixed and mastered by Lance Prenc (Alpha Wolf, Polaris, Dealer) that gives this production its full blown punch.

They toured the country with renowned acts such as Stick To Your Guns, Carnifex, Evergreen Terrace and Hatebreed and electrified crowds with their passionate, relentless performance.

THE OKLAHOMA KID are no longer an insider tip and a force to be reckoned with. No matter if live at a festival or on the record player in the living room; THE OKLAHOMA KID will change your perception of what metal is capable of.