THE DESIGN BSTRACT - Continue Their Melodeath SciFi Saga With “Born of Machines” Off “Metemtechnosis”

Canada's The Design Abstract have a new album coming out that will continue their sci-fi narrative that is accompanied by a flurry of growls, epic riffs and harsh blastbeats. The single “Born of Machines” is heavily influenced by Gothenburg Melodeath, as it features a fairly traditional song structure, and sports several catchy riffs and solos. The lyrics tell of a great technological rebirth taking place. The band explains the track further:

“It is the first track fully written and recorded by Matt on guitar! We thought it was a fitting welcome to the band to make sure the first thing to come out after Technotheism had him prominently featured. Born of Machines is a catchy track in the style of (our take on the) old Gothenburg Melodeath, meaning in many ways it’s what you’d expect: mixed vocals, awesome riffs, some flashy solos, and a general feeling of anticipation and excitement. In that way, it’s a perfect first single for the album, even if it’s not entirely indicative of the sound of the album.”

The album “Metemtechnosis” is a sci-fi melodic death metal album that uses orchestral and electronic elements to tell the story of humanity being reborn as a creation of hyper-intelligent technology. Themes that deconstruct the ideas of technology, humanity, and utopia are explored to the sound of huge, riffy, and comprehensive songs. It is the fifth release from The Design Abstract and according to them, a massive improvement on the last one “Technotheism” in writing, recording and production. The concept album spans nine tracks that are intended to be listened to in order to fully experience the story.

The Design Abstract formed with the singular goal of making symphonic death metal that was forward-thinking and played heavily on Sci-Fi tropes. The thesis of the project has always been to blend orchestra, death metal, electronic/industrial, as well as traces of post or prog metal.

Track Listing:

1. Digital Dawn (8:03) 
2. Born of Machines (4:35) 
3. The Hybrid Awakening (7:07) 
4. Organic Data Fusion (5:45) 
5. Metropolis II (4:42) 
6. Aberration Omega (3:33) 
7. Upheaval (Instrumental) (2:00) 
8. Sentinels (3:10) 
9. Decryptor (6:32)