ALTERED REVELATIONS - Premiere Debut Music Video "Reaper's Hollow" (EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE)

Los Angeles based, four-piece, multi-instrumental heavy metal band Altered Revelations announced the release of their new single and music video, “Reaper’s Hollow” on Friday, April 26th.

Altered Revelations is known for their cinematically driven songs, and the new single is their first attempt at making a video that is on par with that premise. The making of the video proved to be a daunting task though, “We decided early on that we wanted to write, direct, and shoot the whole thing ourselves,” said guitarist/drummer/vocalist Garrett Nobriga, “We filmed all of the story shots up in Santa Cruz, but our only option for dates were in the middle of that huge storm that rolled through back in January. We prepared as best we could for it, but even still, three over-night shoots outside in the cold, windy thunderstorm required a lot of extra work and some serious (borderline illegal) improvising to get it done. But we did! And we are quite proud of what we accomplished, especially for our first attempt at a music video”. 

Musically, Reaper’s Hollow is on the punchier end of the heavy metal scale. It’s a lot of fast, riff-heavy sections that drop into chugging grooves, all of which deliver some instant gratification to fans of the hardcore genres. Reaper’s Hollow will be available on all digital music outlets, including Spotify, iTunes, AppleMusic, etc. and the music video will be on available on YouTube and their website,