HENCE CONFETTI Release New Single Video "Duress"

Australian Prog/Metal/Noise outfit, Hence Confetti have released a new single and music video "Duress".

Get the single: https://ffm.to/hcduress

The band commented:

"This song tells a haunting tale of demons who, through modern technology, hypnotise humanity into a collective slumber before consuming us. The lyrics paint a picture of a society sedated and self-destructive, oblivious to the approaching consequences. An “interval of blankness” descends, underscoring their vulnerability. In the accompanying video, elements of artificial intelligence enhance the disturbing narrative, with tentacles and wires consuming and deforming the world as we know it. Oceanic creatures invade and infect the human race, adding to the eerie and unsettling atmosphere. “When the sky is falling will we all be scrolling, ignoring all the warnings?”