EXTREME MIND Unleashes New Video "All the Way Down"; Watch the Music Video Below!

Extreme Mind's latest creation, "All the Way Down", delves into themes of immigration, war, dictatorship, and political manipulation in Middle Eastern countries, mirroring Sam's journey to Austria in pursuit of a music career. The song highlights the sacrifices inherent in immigration, such as leaving loved ones behind, all in the quest for safety and freedom. The intricacies of "All the Way Down" reflect the complex themes and the wide range of emotions that immigrants experience daily. Extreme Mind incorporated the 'Tar', a traditional instrument from Iran and the Caucasus region, at the end of the song, symbolizing how the culture they grew up in continues to resonate with them, no matter where they go.

Listen to "All the Way Down" here: https://fanlink.tv/atwd​ ​

​Theatrical progressive metal, driven by powerful, heavy riffs, defines the Viennese band Extreme Mind, which aims to surprise listeners with every unexpected twist. Originally started as a solo project by Iranian guitarist Sam Khoshnood in 2013, the band's lineup was completed in 2017 when Sam moved to Austria. That same year, Extreme Mind began working on their debut album, "Hearing the Bigger Picture," and started performing in Austria, opening for acts like Dragony. While their music is reminiscent of the golden age of progressive metal, they incorporate modern production techniques to keep their sound current. Lyrically, Extreme Mind’s transcendent music delves into themes of self-discovery, societal issues, and philosophical concepts. The name "Extreme Mind" symbolizes the idea that all thoughts and concepts from the past, present, and future coexist within a single vast consciousness. This is the creative wellspring from which artists draw their inspiration.