DUNE Saudi Metal Act Present Lyric Video For “Sieve” Is A Potent Thrash Attack Off Their Debut EP “Years Of Chains”

Saudi thrash metal trailblazers DUNE are now unleashing a lyric video for the sonic onslaught “Sieve” a formidable track from their freshly released debut EP “Years Of Chains” which came out this May. Known for their genre-defying fusion and unrelenting energy, DUNE's latest offering is set to captivate metal enthusiasts worldwide. “Sieve” is a testament to the band's evolution and their commitment to delivering a unique and powerful musical experience. The comment on the creation of the EP:

“Years of Chains” is an EP that we wrote years ago but didn’t get a chance to properly record due to multiple difficulties that came our way, after years we have chosen a list of the songs from the originals we have for the EP. The recording process was fun yet we looked for perfection to make the songs as we imagined them with the best quality that we could make.”

The track is the introduction to the EP and provides an eerie start to the chaos and aggression that follows. It clocks in at 4:41 and showcases DUNE's signature blend of chainsaw-heavy guitars, chunky bass slaps, intricate drum techniques, and aggressive vocals.

DUNE is excited to see the reception to their debut offering, it is a dark journey into tumultuous subjects and deep dark thoughts influenced by their culture and personal traumas. This EP comes from a mixture of hard work, ambition, introspection, and hostility and is recommended for fans of Testament, Metallica, and Korn.

Watch and listen to the lyric video for “Sieve” below!

Dune's new EP “Years Of Chains” is available on all digital platforms at https://linktr.ee/dune.0fficial

Spotify - https://spoti.fi/4e62mYg

Track Listing:​

1. Sieve - 4:41 
2. Reject - 5:06 
3. Insidious - 4:28 
4. Refuge - 4:35