BOY HERO Unveils Fresh New EP "Year One"

American post-hardcore artist Boy Hero has released his new EP, "Year One," via Kontrolla Music Group. "Year One" successfully demonstrates how post-hardcore music can be revitalized with the right elements. Heavily influenced by anime music, each track on the EP has the potential to serve as an anime opening or closing theme.

Listen to "Year One" here:

"Year One" opens with the electronic-heavy instrumental track "Anteiku," setting an upbeat tone for the EP. Danniel Rudd, the talent behind Boy Hero, displays his melodic and emotional vocals in "Pretender, Remember," a song that features his long-time friend, Eric Kyu Bensen. This high-energy track sustains the EP's positive vibe and accelerates its tempo, embodying the essence of Boy Hero. The music video for "Pretender, Remember" visually echoes the style of anime openings.

Watch the music video of "Pretender, Remember" BELOW!

The song "HAYASHI" lies at the core of the inspiration behind Boy Hero's creation of "Year One." It represents a time in his life when he felt lost and lacked a sense of belonging. In his own words:

​‘Year One is a culmination of post-hardcore, anime, and the emotions of one of the darkest moments of my life. It was a cathartic release when I had nothing else to do. So I wrote. I wrote about how I was lost. How I didn’t belong. How I didn’t like who I had become. About how I didn’t know where to go. By the time I had finished recording Year One, I found myself in a new home, a new relationship, and a new life. Year One had truly become the first year of my new-found existence and my art.’

Year One Tracklist:

1. Anteiku 
2. Pretender, Remember 
4. In Choosing Both, You Lose Both 
5. Not Turtley Enough For The Turtle Club 
6. lifeless, like you