WORLD ON ALERT Stand Up To Authority In Progressive “Freedom In Disguise” Off Debut S/T EP Out End of June 2024

World On Alert, from Montreal, Canada, is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Gino LaPosta, and excitedly they are announcing the release of the compelling new single “Freedom in Disguise”, which is the second introduction to the debut self-titled EP that is coming out on June 28, 2024. This track features the exceptional talents of Max Rex (CroMagnum), and Nick Amalfi who join LaPosta and guitarist Alex Walsh. LaPosta comments on the single:

“Musically, this one is a heavy track with a soft middle that builds up to the heavy end again. You can hear some proggy Rush/Dream Theater/Tool vibes in there. Lyrically it is about standing up to the elites trying to control our lives and disguising it in freedom.”

LaPosta explains that this work is essentially a solo effort with some help from talented friends and Walsh’s guitar work on “Freedom in Disguise” adds a distinct energy and depth to the track. His contributions, along with the dynamic vocals from Rex and Amalfi, make this single a standout piece in the upcoming EP.

An act that had risen during the pandemic, LaPosta found solace in his studio, crafting riffs and lyrics. Collaborating with friends and family on this recording was a deeply fulfilling experience for him and it reflects their collective effort and synergy. It is recommended for fans of Rush, Tool, and Fates Warning.

Watch and listen to the lyric video for “Freedom in Disguise” below!

Due out on June 28, 2024, World on Alert's self-titled EP is available for pre-order at

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Track Listing: ​

1. Freedom In Disguise ft. Max Rex (CroMagnum), Nick Amalfi, Alex Walsh (6:10) 
2. Insecurities ft. Justyn Vynn (Orchad), Alex Walsh (6:00) 
3. They Came From the Pleiades ft. Costa Skoulikas (Mutank), Alex Walsh (8:34) 
4. Alone With My Thoughts ft. Justyn Vynn (Orchad), Alex Walsh (4:32) 
5. The War Inside ft. John Vincelli (Void Within), Costa Skoulikas (Mutank), Armen Apekian (Ashes Of Eden), Alex Walsh (5:38)