TRAVELLER Release New Single Video "Never Cared"

With "Never Cared (2002)", Traveller is continuing the band's new era after the well received single "Homewrecker", that captivated a larger audience than ever before and collected over 70.000 streams and views in the first 4 weeks. Traveller is coming back with a redefined and fresh touch of their well-known blend of electronic/melodic elements and deathcore-influenced riffs and vocal styles. "Never Cared (2002)" utilizes what the fans love about the band and puts it into catchy Metalcore hymn. The band's musical trademark that the 4 German musicians have build over the last couple of years, finds fans all over the world. Creators and influencers like "Nik Nocturnal" or "Bogdanxhc" became aware of it and generated a new level of reach for the band. Since 2016, the band depicts their true emotions and adventures in a metaphorical and unfiltered way, that connects listeners from all over the world. On their first co-headliner tour from April to May 2024, the band played their greatest hits, and also their latest single "Homewrecker" and the upcoming single "Never Cared (2002)", in front of their fans from Europe.

The new single "Never Cared (2002)" is the most emotional song that the band has ever presented. It shows a fragile side of the band, which the band depicted in a melodic and sad but still angry way. A perfect symbiosis of what the fans of Traveller love: An emotional journey through the stories that life has written. Melodic lead elements, a catchy clean vocal hook, low-tuned and bone breaking guitar riffs and a "pushing forward" drum beat are putting the song on the same level for the likes of "Invent Animate", "Currents" or "Erra". "Never Cared (2002)" becomes an emotional ride and a hymn, that resonates with listeners who have been left all alone by a beloved one. The song is a huge lyrical statement and a call to action to start leaving everything behind, that drags you down. The unimagined turns and twists of the song and it's heaviness will be remarkable for the listeners. This is what makes Traveller cutting through the masses of bands.

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