SPREAD THIN Push The Boundaries Of Hardcore In “Friendly Deception” Off Upcoming Album “World of Snakes” Out July 2024

Spread Thin is bringing their unique blend of hardcore from Wisconsin, USA to listeners around the world with their upcoming debut full-length album “World Of Snakes”, which drops on July 27, 2024. Thus far, they have released the single “Factory Job” and now they are following it up with the video for “Friendly Deception”, delivering down-tempo hardcore energy, and showing off a side of the band that fans will no doubt eat up. The band comments:

“We wanted an aggressive record with no filler. We feel we achieved what we sought out to record, but this is the beginning of where we want to go from here. Our very first demos as a band were a mix of old ideas from previous projects, and we felt very early that was not the sound we wanted to make and what we should be making as a group. The single is about when you’ve had someone close to you, who you trusted completely, ever fuck you over. This one’s for you.”

“World of Snakes” is not just an album; it's a volition of candor and unfiltered emotion, crafted with forthright honesty in both songwriting and presentation. Spread Thin’s evolution from modern hardcore roots to a distinctive blend of power-violence, sludge, and grind highlights their commitment to pushing the boundaries of hardcore punk.

This album marks the beginning of their journey, and they’re excited to continue exploring a darker, more intense sound in the future. It is recommended for fans of Gel, Spy, and Rotting Out.

Watch and listen to the music video for “Friendly Deception” below!

“World of Snakes” is due out on July 26, 2024, and is available for pre-order at https://spreadthin608.bandcamp.com.

"World Of Snakes" Record Release Shows​

July 26 - Sparta, WI - Barney Community Center
July 27 - Milwaukee, WI - Falcon Bowl

Track Listing:​

1 - So Much Hate (2:00) 
2 - Factory Job (2:00) 
3 - Gaslit (1:52) 
4 - Know What’s Bullshit? (2:17) 
5 - Unjustified (1:01) 
6 - Friendly Deception (3:17) 
7 - Nailed (2:05) 
8 - Moodswings (1:29) 
9 - Listen Up! (2:23)