SEVEN HOURS AFTER VIOLET Shavo Odadjian of SYSTEM OF A DOWN Unveils New Project + Drops Debut Single & Music Video "Paradise"

Seven Hours After Violet, the groundbreaking new project from Shavo Odadjian of multi-platinum rock band, System of a Down, featuring Taylor Barber (Left To Suffer), Morgoth (platinum-selling producer and guitarist of Winds of Plague), Alejandro Aranda (Scarypoolparty, American Idol) and Josh Johnson (Winds of Plague) have dropped highly anticipated debut single "Paradise" today. The release also marks the launch of Shavo's new joint label venture, 1336 Records, in partnership with Sumerian Music Group. Fans can stream “Paradise” now HERE and watch the accompanying music video BELOW or by clicking the thumbnail above.

Reflecting on the release of "Paradise", Shavo explains, "The song opens the album and showcases the various dynamics we explore throughout which makes it the perfect introduction to Seven Hours After Violet." he continues “I’ve been making music for over 30 years, I wanted to do something super heavy, but melodic and come back to my roots. Until this band, every side project I've done has been outside of the walls of heavy music. I steered away from anything heavy because System Of A Down is heavy. Once I got I started with Seven Hours After Violet, I had to let go of that. I said “let me go with my gut and do what I'm best at”. For the first time ever in my career, I just said, “as long as I love it, I don't give a fuck what anybody else thinks” and that was extremely liberating. Seven Hours After Violet is the result. It’s my favourite thing I’ve done since System and I can’t wait for the world to hear it”

The accompanying music video for "Paradise" is a collaborative effort with creative direction being overseen by Shavo and Adam Mason, who also shot the video. Editing was handled by Arben and Kuj Durollari of BOND, who are also working with the band to design their creative assets. Shavo describes the creative process, "The video for ‘Paradise’ is a little trippy, it's a little psychedelic, it's a little dark and beautiful all at once. We shot it with only two takes per band member, but despite those restrictions, I think we made a really cool video."

The launch of 1336 Records is a significant milestone for Shavo. “I didn't just want to sign the band to a label, which is why we signed the deal with Ash Avildsen and Sumerian. I now have my new imprint called 1336 Records. It gives me a lot of creative control and also the ability to bring other acts that I find interesting on board later in the future, so I’m really excited about that.”

Sumerian Music Group founder and CEO, Ash Avildsen adds "System of a Down is one of the most important and influential bands of my generation, as well as one of my all time favorites. When I first heard Shavo was putting together a group of young cutting edge musicians around him to form a new band, I immediately got excited just as a fan to hear what it was. After a first listen of Seven Hours After Violet and seeing who the metal group of Avengers he assembled around him to play in it, I knew it had to be on Sumerian. So I pursued it hard and after one epic lunch together at the Sunset Marquis, Shavo and I were creative business partners ready to unleash the next great thing in heavy music together. I am humbled and honored he has chosen to team up with Sumerian to launch Seven Hours After Violet and 1336."

When the universe aligns, magic happens. This was certainly the case when Shavo Odadjian, the legendary bass player of System of a Down, crossed paths with platinum-selling producer, songwriter and guitarist, Morgoth at a party on 2.22.22. Their initial sessions were a spontaneous combustion of creativity, transforming from a potential solo venture into a full-fledged band. “We wrote a song right away. It wasn’t like any writing session I had been part of before, riffs were just flowing out of me without me even having to try. Every time I felt like I couldn't write anything. Morgoth would hand me a guitar and say, “go, go, go”. I needed that, you know? I needed someone to push me when I wasn't pushing myself.” Shavo recalls. As music continued to pour out in torrents, with Shavo writing and performing all the guitar and bass parts and Morgoth producing and providing the beats, atmospherics and FX, Morgoth suggested they turn it into a Shavo solo project. However, with his eye now firmly set on the live arena, Shavo decided to create a full band.

Finding the right vocal talent to compliment the musical landscape created by Shavo and Morgoth was crucial. Morgoth’s recommendation of Taylor Barber from Left to Suffer was a game-changer. Shavo was blown away: “He was singing in falsetto one minute and growling the next—it was ridiculous. He became the singer because he knocked every song out of the park.” With Shavo on bass and Morgoth on guitar, the band also brought in Morgoth’s Winds Of Plague band mate, Josh Johnson on drums and Alejandro Aranda, known for his solo project Scarypoolparty and as runner-up on American Idol, as lead guitarist and backing vocalist.

Once the new music was complete, mixed by Zach Jones and mastered by Maor Applebaum, Shavo partnered with Ash Avildsen, founder and CEO of Sumerian Music Group to create the brand new joint label venture 1336 Records, with Seven Hours After Violet being the first singing.