OCEANHOARSE Release Video for New Single "Logos"!

After recently introducing a new line-up and making a powerful comeback from a brief hiatus with the track "Killer & The Queen", Finnish heavy metal band OCEANHOARSE continues to forge ahead with the launch of their newest single, "Logos". The release is accompanied by an intense new video, which can be seen below!

"This song is one big jin and jang. It starts with the most aggressive music we have made but changes into a mystical spring rain kinda vibe", OCEANHOARSE drummer Oskari Niemi states.

Bassist Silver Ots adds: "The RIFF catches you by the throat immediately and the song eases only in the middle section where it turns the jet engines off and goes gliding in the night sky. This is of course followed by an ass-ripping guitar solo and eventual crash-and-burn-heavy riff leaving no survivors."

Listen to the song HERE