NEONFLY Release new EP and share music video; "Master Tapes - 10 Years Live at Masters of Rock" out now on Noble Demon!

Today, UK alternative metal act NEONFLY is celebrating the release of their brand new live EP, "Master Tapes - 10 Years Live at Masters of Rock", that is out now on Noble Demon.

In support of the band's new release, NEONFLY has revealed a brand new video for the track "This World is Burning", captured in 2022 at the Masters of Rock festival. Watch the video below!

Listen to the single HERE!

"‘This World is Burning’ was the 1st single off our third album ‘The Future, Tonight' and led the way in articulating our adoption of a more contemporary hard hitting sound", vocalist Willy Norton states. "Written at a time of great upheaval around the world its lyrics, allied with a powerful video, were our attempt to make sense of that chaos. The song now closes Neonfly’s live set with that mixture of melodicism and raw energy that fans have come to expect."

Having graced the festival for the 4th time in ten years back in 2022, this digital EP commemorates NEONFLY's decade-long journey since their first captivating performance on the international stage. Masters of Rock holds a special place in the band's hearts as it provided them with a crucial platform that kick-started NEONFLY's global presence. With each performance, the band has established a profound connection with their fans and the festival community, culminating in this special EP that commemorates their decade-long adventure at Masters Of Rock festival from humble beginnings in 2012 to the here and now.


01. Highways to Nowhere (Live at Masters of Rock 2022) 
02. This World is Burning (Live at Masters of Rock 2022) 
03. A Gift to Remember (Live at Masters of Rock 2015) 
04. Heart of the Sun (Live at Masters of Rock 2013) 
05. Morning Star (Live at Masters of Rock 2015)

"Master Tapes - 10 Years Live at Masters of Rock“ is out now via Noble Demon. Listen to the full EP at THIS LOCATION.