MALLAVORA Sign With Marshall Records & Release New Single "Skin" Out Now

Four-piece Bristolian alt-metal act MALLAVORA unleashes their destructive new single, ‘SKIN,’ and signs to Marshall Records as they gear up for their debut at this year’s Download festival.

As winners of Kerrang! Radio’s THE DEAL competition the band recorded at The Marshall Studio, produced by the infamous Mikey Demus of Skindred, the band’s latest offering delves deep into the theme of individuality and defiance against societal norms. ‘Skin’ takes inspiration from Jessica Douek's personal journey and the challenges of navigating a world that often expects conformity.

“It's about feeling different and being utterly defiant about it,” says Douek. "I have always felt different. I have struggled to understand people and the world around me, and I feel there are unspoken rules I’m unaware of. As a result, I have felt alienated.”

Guitarist Larry Sobieraj adds, “The initial idea for the track came during a time where I was feeling utterly frustrated, confused and exhausted by a lifetime of feeling different. We all connected with this topic as a band, and the song evolved from there. I think the result is a true reflection of the feelings we wanted to impart, and Mikey did a great job of helping us craft the emotion into the song.”

Mallavora are the latest winners of The Deal, the emerging artist competition run by Kerrang! Radio in the UK in partnership with Marshall and Download Festival. Past winners include ANIIMALIA and Rituals.

Since its launch in 2021, The Deal competition has seen a staggering number of entries, with hundreds of acts vying for the spotlight each year, where the final artists are judged by a panel that includes experts from Marshall Records, Download Festival, and Kerrang! Radio. The chosen artist records an EP at The Marshall Studio, releases their music through Marshall Records and opens the Avalanche Stage at Download Festival.