LarcɆnia RoɆ Stream Remastered Debut EP ‘Dereliction. With Bonus Tracks, Sign With Unique Leader Records

Deathcore outfit, LarcɆnia RoɆ is streaming below their remastered debut EP ‘Dereliction" with bonus tracks. The band aslo signed with Unique Leader Records.


1. SMILE (ft Dan Tucker of Crown Magnetar) 
5. ALIENATION (ft CJ McCreery of Immortal Disfigurement) 
7. ONLOOKER (ft Yasmine of Face Yourself)

“After the birth of Larcenia Roe in early 2023, we quickly felt a massive wave of support from all corners of the world. The pressure to satiate the growing demand of our debut singles made us hungry to display our unique spin on deathcore. After months of writing and refining, on October 27th of 2023, we released our debut EP, ‘Dereliction.’ The release quickly spread its veins across the underground scene, pulling in curiosity, reactions, and noise.

As a band who began to create traction early on, we were preparing ourselves for what the next stage would be. The push to deliver more music, more content, more merch, and more performances became a priority for us. When ULR reached out to discuss our future, the decision to take the next step was easy. We feel beyond privileged to elevate our ceiling and share our creations with an even broader audience by joining the Unique Leader Records family. We are also very excited to release the new remastered version DERELICTION with bonus tracks as a way to kick off this next chapter! We have a lot in store for our fans and are looking forward to making the world SMILE with ULR by our side.”

On the release of “SLIPPY SLIDE”, the band continues:

“As the second bonus track off the reissue of DERELICTION, SLIPPY SLIDE delivers a final chapter of the ‘birthing’ era of Larcenia Roe. The song describes the love and appreciation of pain for a masochist. The swinging motion of this track correlates to the stages and gratification of physical pain. The opening line, ‘Smells like cinnamon,’ describes the welcoming nature of edging towards danger, but when consumed, can be harmful.”