HELF ME Release New Single Video "Fatalist"

Break free from the ordinary and dive into the extraordinary. Half Me's new single 'Fatalist' redefines metalcore, blending innovation with tradition. The track channels raw frustration with a disposable society, combining bone-crushing heaviness with anguished, soul-piercing vocals. 'Fatalist' showcases the band's relentless drive to push genre boundaries, marking another bold step in their musical evolution. 'Fatalist' is out now on Arising Empire. 

Watch/stream 'Fatalist' NOW Stream, download here https://arisingempire.com/fatalist

Catch the band live with Resolve on the following dates:

13.04. NL, Rotterdam, Submit Festival 
28.-30.06. DE Feuchtwangen Moos Meadow Festival 
31.-03.08. DE Wacken, W:O:A Festival
24.8. GER Fallen Fotress Festival
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