AMERAKIN OVERDOSE Preesent New Single Video "Damaged"

Nu-Metal outfit, AMERAKIN OVERDOSE are presenting their new single and music video "Damaged", their new album "Artificial Infection"! The album is out July 12th, 2024!


"Damaged" is a relentless industrial/shock rock metal song that delivers a powerful Nu-Metal experience.

Amerakin Overdose captures a society marred by disillusionment, corruption, and decay through barbaric mutated sub-human characters left over after being exposed to the cesspool of greed and corruption—all of the horrors and temptations in American society. Scarred from humanity's self-destruction, Amerakin Overdose embodies the raw, unfiltered reality of a society plagued by its vices and shortcomings. "'Damaged' is about social media and how it pollutes our minds, manipulates our thoughts, and feeds us a narrative that distorts our perceptions of the world.