ACT OF CREATION Release New Video Single, "Under Friendly Fire", Of Forthcoming Album "Moments To Remain"!

Germany-based melodic death metal unit ACT OF CREATION has just recently announced new details about their forthcoming, fifth studio album entitled "Moments To Remain"! The album will be released via Massacre Records on July 19, 2024 as CD Digipak, Ltd. Vinyl LP and Digital formats, the pre-sale is available at:

Following the previously-released, first single - the album title track - today, ACT OF CREATION are premiering a new music video for the song "Under Friendly Fire", about which vocalist Jess tells us: "This song deals with the topic of toxic relationships, and we want to encourage anyone, who finds themselves in such a situation, to break free from it."

"Moments To Remain" can be considered as a continuation of the last three ACT OF CREATION albums, but it should still be seen as a stand-alone release.

Lyrically, all the songs revolve around the theme of time, which is also picked up on the cover in the form of a clock slowly dissolving in a lake. The "Moments To Remain" album cover once again depicts the girl who was reborn on "The Uncertain Light". Now, however, she is already grown up, sitting in front of a lake, and reflecting on life. The whole album is based on the concept of reviewing an entire day and thinking about certain topics while sitting by the water.

At the beginning of the songwriting process, the band decided not to be constrained by past successes and, as usual, began to express their current feelings and thoughts through music. In order to give the album the maximum of energy and intensity, all songs on the album were recorded directly at the intended live tempo for the first time, so that every last bit of energy could be extracted from the material, thus ensuring that "Moments To Remain" reflects the intensity of ACT OF CREATION's live shows.

Furthermore, attention was paid to an even finer blend of all the band's influences within the songs, which increases the progressiveness somewhat, while transporting the listener even more intensely into their musical world. With the new songs, ACT OF CREATION have succeeded in presenting a logical and consistent further progression of the band's sound.

In close collaboration with audio engineer Dennis Koehne, a massive wall of sound has once again been created which, despite its incredible power, always leaves enough room for the subtle nuances of the band's signature sound. The result is an album that, despite all its complexity, makes no compromises when it comes to a powerful performance and thus invites the listener on a highly emotional journey through the musical world of ACT OF CREATION! Pre-order "Moments To Remain" HERE!

CD Tracklist: 

1. Awake (Bonus Track)
2. Come With Me 
3. Under Friendly Fire 
4. Egoist 
5. Moments To Remain
6. Cry Of A Peacecrow (Bonus Track)
7. Dying Inside
8. Confront The Truth
9. Lost Little Soul
10. Beyond Reality
11. Agonizing Slumber
12. Into Dreams (Bonus Track)