VILT Drop New Single "The Death of A Stranger"

The Swedish thrash and melodic death metal band VILT strives to take the classic Scandinavian sound to new heights. Through aggressive riffs, fast drums, and intense vocal performances they have already established a unique signature style where each new release highlights their passion.

In 2022, VILT released the two-track single 'Adversary,' which received a tremendous reception, earning the band a slot at In Flames festival Dalhalla Brinner.

Today, VILT releases their single 'The Death Of A Stranger' from the EP set to be released later this spring. The song features VILT's characteristic sound and it's written from the perspective of someone who has lost all faith and hope. It depicts an individual who has isolated themselves from the world and finds their only solace in a destructive spiral of addiction and self-harming behaviors.

'The Death Of A Stranger' was written in mourning after someone I cared deeply about passed away. It stands as a perpetual reminder to take care of loved ones and to treat strangers as friends, because you never know what burdens they may carry. - VILT

'The Death Of A Stranger' is out now on all major streaming platforms!