VICTORIA LIES Dive Deep Into Immersive Swancore With New Video “Trial By Fire”

Victoria Lies, the electrifying new Canadian metalcore band emerging from the remains of From the Flame, is now releasing their latest video single “Trial By Fire”. This release marks the debut of the band's invigorated lineup, featuring Brett Hetherington on vocals, Nick Shyrokov on drums, Chris Kohler and Rory Fitzsimmons on guitars, and Jay Powell on bass. They comment on the single:

“This one came together so beautifully, there was no resistance from the song at all. It just kept coming and coming. It started with Jay and I (Rory) in the studio trying to come up with anything to help move the album writing along. The start was the hardest part because you’re starting with a completely blank canvas and zero direction on where to go. Eventually, Jay dug up an old riff he had from his days in Florida, he gave the riff to me, I put my spin on it and we finally had our start! From that moment we were off to the races.”

The artwork for “Trial By Fire” is as provocative as the music itself. Based on the striking opening line of the song, “Who brings a fucking gun to a wedding?”, the artwork is a close-up of a distressed bride, hinting at a larger, dramatic narrative that unfolds in the accompanying lyric video that can be viewed via its premiere on TheCirclePit -​

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Victoria Lies is poised to surprise and challenge listeners with their innovative approach. By integrating unexpected genre elements and focusing on what serves the song rather than individual egos, they aim to deliver a fresh and compelling sound. They are recommended for fans of Northlane, Bad Omens, and Of Mice and Men.