TELLTALE Releases Debut Full-Length Album "Telltale" Out Now via Rude Records Featuring New Single “w2b”

The wait is over for Telltale, the debut full-length album from Richmond-based rock band Telltale. The album is out now, including on a limited edition red and black splatter vinyl, via Rude Records. To purchase, please visit: Stream Telltale, featuring new single “w2b”, now at

“It’s taken us three EPs and over half a decade to finally create the album we’ve always wanted. This is Telltale,” the band shares. “If there is one major takeaway from the record, it’s that escaping into the isolation of your vices isn’t a solution to the feeling of disconnection.”

On new single “w2b”, vocalist John Carteret adds: “I was finally getting heavy into songwriting, and working on a few different indie-rock demos to pitch out. This one was my baby though. It had a bitter nostalgia that reminded me of Telltale’s early days. I ended up sitting down with an acoustic and writing the lyrics stream-of-consciousness style in about an hour. It came naturally, retelling the band’s formation and introspectively asking what we ‘want to be’.”

Telltale Tracklist:

1. w2b 
2. Otherside 
3. Cardinals 
4. kissinginacarcrash 
5. EDDY 
6. Gettin’ Sober 
8. Take Your Time 
9. I’ve Given More To A Lesser God 
10. Not The Type