SOULLINE Celebrates Record Release Day With New Video For "Clochard"!

Swiss metal collective SOULLINE is celebrating the release of their new studio album "Reflections", out today on Massacre Records! A new video clip for their latest single "Clochard" is now premiering below.

To order your album copy, available as CD Digipak, Ltd. Vinyl LP and Digital formats, visit:

"Reflections" is a multi-faceted musical affair, and a powerful exploration of environmental issues and our connection to planet Earth. Each track reflects a specific aspect of this often troubled and problematic relationship. According to the band, the song "Clochard" is "a call to rediscover human roots and a warning about the future of the planet."

Watch the new SOULLINE video, now premiering below.

On the band's new offering, collaboration and teamwork led to greater complexity in musical structures and arrangements. Clean vocals, interwoven with Gabriele's signature growl, emphasize the album's central theme, creating an intense and engaging atmosphere.

This album goes beyond mere musical listening, transforming into a sensory experience. SOULLINE presents a masterpiece that combines music and images to stir deep emotions and stimulate concrete actions. The environmental message, expressed through the power of metal music, makes "Reflections" a work not only of music but also of cultural activism. The goal is to bring "Reflections" to a wide and diverse audience, hoping that the album's message will find echoes in the minds and hearts of listeners, stimulating greater environmental awareness and positive change.


1. Last Moon 
2. Despise Your God 
3. Clochard 
4. Say Goodbye 
5. Look At The Stars 
6. Human Corruption 
7. Fragile Dreams 
8. Before The Dawn 
9. I’m So Sorry