PEAKS! Release Brand New Single "Don't Want To Be Like You"

Modern alt rock duo PEAKS! hailing from Turin in Italy, are back with brand new music. The new single, "Don't Want To Be Like You" was written, recorded and produced by the band once again in Turin, this track follows up the pumping rock rave of their 2023 EP ‘Modern World Survivors’, featuring ‘When The Lights Fade Out’, ‘Heatwaves’ and ‘Lack of Attention’.

Lorenzo Mazzucchi and Luca Del Fiore (PEAKS!) explain more about the song:

“In 'Don't Wanna Be Like You,' we're calling out the hypocrisy and corruption of leaders who prioritize their own interests over the well-being of the people they're supposed to serve. We're tired of empty promises and self-serving agendas, and we hope this song inspires others to demand accountability and transparency from their leaders. Our message is clear: we don't want to be like them, and we won't stay silent in the face of injustice.”

Following last years some highlights of The Great Escape, Brighton, won over the crowd at the first Slam Dunk in Italy, followed by support slots with Dead Poets Society in Holland, and Summer shows with Placebo at Lucca Festival (It.), Imola (It.), and Moon & Stars (Switz.) This follows previous rave performances at 2000 Trees, BST Hyde Park with Pearl Jam, and supports with Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes.

On the previous singles they received widespread support from streaming platforms including New Music Friday Spotify in France + Italy, and key playlists such as All New Rock, The New Alt, Pop Rock Shot, Alternative Beats, Rock Italia and New Noise. They also clocked support on Amazon Music from their Fresh Rock and New Rock playlists.

Across the airwaves, Jack Saunders has supported on BBC Radio 1 ‘Future Artists’. Alex Baker at Kerrang! Radio Fresh Blood track, plus strong regional UK radio (Primordial, Student Netwerk, Total Rock, Amazing etc). Outside the UK, airplay in Italy (extraRADIO)), Germany (NRW/ CT Das Radio)), France (Oui FM), Benelux (MINT radio), Scandinavia, and Eastern Europe.

TV synchs to date include Love Island, BBC Match of the Day, and Sky Sports Formula 1, Singapore grand prix coverage.

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